Fastivus 2017

SoCal's Only VW Sponsored Enthusiast Event!

Fastivus’ World Famous Raffle has been a cornerstone of our annual event. It started in 2004 with the giveaway that had a HPA Short Shift Kit as the “holy grail” prize… and now has grown to become a huge raffle with epic prizes provided by our sponsors. Sponsor companies are asked to provide a “great” raffle prize in order to sponsor Fastivus and as always, they are extremely generous and never disappoint.

HOW IT WORKS:  The format of the SoCal R32 World Famous Raffle is what makes it so special. Each attendee who brings a Volkswagen to Fastivus is given one free raffle ticket… just one. You cannot purchase additional raffle tickets, it’s simply one ticket per attendee… and you must have a Volkswagen at the event. On Sunday, each raffle prize will be given away one at a time and each person must choose which prize to go after with their one ticket.  By choosing one prize, they are effectively taking themselves out of the running for all other prizes. Some people go for the one prize that they want the most, while others wait and go for a prize that hasn’t received as many tickets, so that they have a better chance of winning. The strategic planning towards the raffle is what makes this fun and so successful… as it also requires that sponsors provide great prizes worthy of obtaining attendee raffle tickets.


Fastivus 2016 Raffle Prizes